About Us

421 North became a reality in 2020, but since the 1970’s existed in the imagination of the creative mind of a little girl. She dreamed of having her own space where she could create things and so, in an empty “trinkets” room in the back of her house, she created her “studio” on Avenida R.C. #421 in Sonora, Mexico. That studio  is considered to be the first and original 421, albeit South. There is where she created paintings, sketches, clothes, toys & dreams. 

It wasn’t until decades later that she made it a reality. 2020 marks the year when 421 North came alive and started creating fun and unique products for children and adults.

421 North is geographically located in Denmark, but our products are made & shipped all over the world. 

Original 421 South Studio, circa 1990